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 The Millstone Valley of central New Jersey, settled by Dutch farmers three centuries ago, helped New Jersey earn its Garden State nickname, and became the breadbasket of a booming New York City metropolis. That story, culminating in today's farm-to-table movement, is told in a documentary film that had its world premiere June 12, 2018  at the Princeton Garden Theater.
A showing of the film is planned at the Hopewell Theater on November 23, 2021. Please click here for more details.

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Farming in the Millstone Valley: Past & Present , is a 35-minute video documentary based on a historic account by Jessie Lynes Havens of Montgomery Township, and made by the Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition of Rocky Hill, in association with the Van Harlingen Historical Society of Montgomery. The video honors the history of farming in the Millstone Valley. 300 years ago, Dutch farmers began arriving in the Millstone Valley and built central New Jersey into the breadbasket of New York City. Today the farm-to-table renaissance has rejuvenated farming and inspired a vibrant restaurant scene. Learn the story behind local landmarks and farm families.

Film Credits

Farming in the Millstone Valley: Past & Present is a production of Flickering Duck Productions in association with Visionary Video & Filmworks Studios, and the filmmakers Fred Frintrup of Milltown, NJ and Peter Frintrup of Los Angeles. The award-winning father-son film team have made numerous historic films.

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