Millstone Valley National Scenic Byway Audio Tour

The Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition, working with TravelStorysGPS, produced an audio tour of the the Millstone Valley National Scenic Byway for residents and visitors. The tour uses 20 geotags, each for a particular section of the Byway and each with a narrative and 4 to 5 images. A guided driving tour through Central New Jersey’s Millstone River Valley, its narratives and images point out the history that developed around the Millstone River, the importance of the Valley during the American Revolutionary War, the later D&R Canal and today’s recreational resources. The tour is now on the TravelstorysGPS website; it may be accessed directly at

Travelstorys GPS Audio Tour

Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

Support and Contributions

The Millstone Valley National Scenic Byway Audio Tour was made possible by funds from the Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission, a partner of the New Jersey Historical Commission.

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